Monday, November 22, 2010

Sponsor Ziana Now

Hi !My name is Ziana

Gender: Girl
Birth Date: July 04, 1994
Location: Uganda
Chores: Washing clothes
Favourite Subject: English
Favourite play time: Netball
Monthly sponsorship: $35

Mukyala Ziana lives with her grandmother who struggles to provide for Ziana and her 5 sisters and 1 brother. Ziana and her family live in a community severely affected by war. War affects the entire social structure as a generation of hardworking adults are being swept out. Frightened children and exhausted grandparents rarely have money for food, school, medication, or clothing. You can help with these and other basic needs for Mukyala Ziana and her family through sponsorship.
Mukyala Ziana is in primary and she enjoys English. She helps at home by washing clothes. She likes to play Netball and is in satisfactory health. Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Mukyala Ziana and her community with the assistance they need to save a generation from a war crisis in northern Uganda through tangible provisions and care programmes. Your sponsorship will be an answer to prayer because it will allow us to help children and families help gain access to basic needs and learn more about God’s unconditional love.

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